1xBit to Support Luna and UST as Payment Methods

Luna as payment method on 1xBit

Luna and UST, the primary tokens on Terra ecosystem, recently got enlisted on 1xBit as a means of depositing funds.


Terra’s altcoins recently made their debut on 1xBit, a crypto casino platform famous for its pioneering approach to crypto gambling. With the inclusion of Luna and TerraUSD, 1xBit has extended its comprehensive list of crypto payment methods to provide convenient access to its followers.

It’s easy to understand why users would adopt it too: the tokens have an elastic monetary policy, giving them the stability perfect for day-to-day transactions of this caliber (for example, instant depositing and withdrawal of funds for placing bets in a crypto casino).

Such a policy makes it impervious to the high volatility common to regular cryptocurrencies. While traditional digital currencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and Solana have their own perks amongst crypto traders – exploiting the volatility by trading them with other stable currency pairs – they aren’t too suitable for the casual utilities of fiat currencies, and here’s where Terra’s altcoins come to the fore.

Advantages of Luna and UST

Luna, as Terra’s primary ecosystem token, besides having a mechanism for maintaining a stable price, serves as a collateral for holding the value of another stablecoin on Terra’s network, TerraUSD (UST). 

To avoid unpleasant surprises of price spikes in crypto, the Terra platform offers casino players the alternative of a token with a fixed value and the transactional ease of blockchain-powered digital assets at the same time—UST. This stablecoin is covered up with Luna to reduce the price’s volatility.

Furthermore, Luna functions as a reward token. It is issued to validators on Terra’s network for successfully adding a new block (set of transactions) to the blockchain.

Terran holders who have no intention of trading their assets in the near future have the opportunity to earn passive income by staking them in Terra’s protocol. They enjoy a return on investments of 5% of the principal amount staked yearly.

Benefits of Betting on 1xBit

Several Payment Options: In terms of cryptocurrency payment options, 1xBit beats most crypto casino alternatives in the market. With over 45 supported cryptocurrencies, including Luna and UST, the challenge of customer conversion due to the availability of payment methods is close to negligible.

Easy Registration: This casino focuses on tearing down the friction of on-ramping new players to its platform. 1xBit’s registration process is hassle-free. Only an email address is required. No ID or Know Your Customer (KYC) procedures. New users get straight to playing their favorite games in a matter of seconds.

Generous Welcome Bonuses: 1xBit has some enticing bonuses for incentivizing the registration of new users. For the first four deposits, players have the chance to earn up to seven BTC.

Instant Payouts: Players can cash out their winnings instantly. No wait periods or delays whatsoever.

Now that Luna is available at 1xBit, it’s even easier to make payments. This is a wonderful opportunity to place bets safely. Be sure to check Luna and UST out! 

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Last updated May 10, 2022

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