Africa’s development in crypto – Is AltSignal’s pre-sale coming at just the right moment?

Altsignals Africa

Emerging markets, such as those in Africa, are now embracing crypto and are thus considered the fastest developing crypto markets in the world. A recent UN article describes that “conditions on the continent are good for virtual currency.”

Using the need for accurate trading signals and the implementation of AI, AltSignals pre-sale is attracting a lot of attention from the crypto industry. This project is fully imbued with innovation, thanks to the tools it offers to deliver top-notch trading signals for multiple financial markets. ASI’s pre-sale coincides well with the growing popularity of crypto in Africa, which could provide an exciting investment opportunity for many traders.

Is AltSignals the best investment in 2023?

Many people seem to think that AltSignals could absolutely be one of the best investments in 2023, and the development of the project’s pre-sale is very promising. The crypto project has also made headlines on many prominent industry websites. The precision of its trading signals and its integration of artificial intelligence have earned it a positive reputation among investors.

In total, AltSignals hopes to raise $12,150,000 throughout its pre-sale, and it is well on its way, as the project has raised $1.0m so far. As for its coin value, this stands at $0.015, which will soon rise to $0.02274 during stage four of this pre-sale.

Apart from the financial incentives, the AltSignals ecosystem is very stimulating and has many exciting features that traders can take advantage of. Its current trading algorithm has already proven to be highly accurate, but AltSignals wants to take this one step further with artificial intelligence.

What is AltSignals?

AltSignals is known in the market as a financial services provider, delivering awesome trading signals to investors. These signals span multiple markets, such as cryptocurrency and fiat currency, and even provide data on gold and indices. Users can receive notifications for their trades regardless of which market they focus on.

To improve its existing signaling algorithm, AltSignals has created ActualizeAI, which intends to deliver highly accurate trading signals. It will be able to learn and improve these signals over time using artificial intelligence, with a focus on natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning.

This AI development is a major USP of AltSignal’s pre-sale and may also prove to be an important aspect of taking advantage of the latest crypto developments in Africa. Namely, novice and experienced traders can benefit from tools like ActualizeAI. Some key features of this technology include sentiment analysis, predictive modeling, reinforcement learning, and more.

We explain how AltSignals works

Investing in the AltSignals pre-sale gives you access to all features. The primary focus is on its trading signals, which will only improve when ActualizeAI is launched. The ASI coins will allow holders to access exclusive aspects.

These benefits include the AI Members Club, which allows traders to benefit from the latest developments in AltSignals and ActualizeAI. Investors will also be able to participate in tournaments for prizes, beta test new features of the system and gain control rights. In addition, those who purchase 50,000 tokens or more will receive lifetime access to ActualizeAI once it is launched.

AltSignal’s current trading signal algorithm is known for an impressive 64% accuracy. However, with the implementation of ActualizeAI, the accuracy of trading signals is expected to rise to a whopping 80%+.

In addition to delivering real-time trading signals, ActualizeAI will also be able to predict future asset prices. Thus, the technology helps traders stay ahead of the market.

Price prediction for ASI

It should be noted that during AltSignal’s pre-sale, the price of ASI moves upwards step by step. However, once the crypto becomes publicly available, it will be able to explode in price. Indeed, once the coin hits the exchanges, analysts are confident that AltSignals could skyrocket to as much as $0.50 instantly.

Given where the coin’s price is right now, this is a significant increase and an excellent ROI for pre-sale investors. It could both bode well for anyone in Africa – or across the world – investing in crypto. As more people get into the crypto market, AltSignals could be one of the first, and best, investment options for many.

The crypto industry is known to be very volatile, but the expected development of AltSignals should be stable and positive, not least when the AI technologies are officially launched. It is understandable to ask whether ASI is worth the investment, especially in such a competitive crypto market. There is much to suggest that it is!

Is ASI a good investment?

AltSignal’s pre-sale looks to have a great future. A good example of the reason for this is that AltSignals aims to become a leader in the use of artificial intelligence in the crypto industry and other financial markets.

Moreover, when AltSignals’ AI elements are integrated with its already impressive algorithmic engineering tools, the accuracy of the project’s trading signals should increase significantly.

AltSignals is moving forward rapidly with its roadmap for 2023, and the early investors who have jumped on its pre-sale look to be in luck. However, there is still enough time to jump in and take advantage of ASI’s pre-sale.

Final words on AltSignal’s pre-sale

The AltSignals ASI token is probably at the top of the wish list for many experienced investors because of the platform’s utilization of artificial intelligence and its community governance. It allows users to participate in shaping and improving the AltSignals project while benefiting from its potential price success.

You can find more information, including how to purchase ASI, here.

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Last updated Jul 6, 2023

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