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Crypto Academy is climbing the success ladder, as it is expanding its mission to become more than a prominent blockchain and crypto informative platform!


Crypto Academy is on a mission to inform and educate people on every topic, practice, and concept related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology are on the rise. The Crypto Academy team is dedicated to informing and educating everyone about the world of Crypto and Blockchain technology. 

What started out as an informative portal has become a much bigger interactive platform and a crypto hub for blockchain startups that want to make it in the most competitive and innovative industry to date: the crypto industry.

Crypto Academy is a specialized informative and digital marketing agency that is distinguished by a diverse team of professionals ranging from finance to content creation and digital marketing experts. Initially, Crypto Academy was focused on delivering how-to guides on everything related to crypto, from the simple concept and complex technology of blockchain to informing the masses on how cryptocurrencies work, how to activate wallets, and how to invest in various cryptocurrencies. 

After seeing the traction and viewership that was primarily attractive due to the simplicity and the organic nature of explaining complex aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, the Crypto Academy expanded operations to providing price predictions, price analyses, and a deliberate news section that closely monitors and diligently reports on all crypto happenings on a global scale.

Crypto Academy is firm on cross-boundary team cooperation when serving individual clients. The team also helps Crypto & Blockchain companies grow through their splendid marketing services. From ads to social media influencers, to entire digital marketing campaigns, Crypto Academy has spearheaded the success and notoriety of over 500 crypto projects that have taken off to be well-known names in the crypto industry. 

Some of the most prominent projects that have consulted with the Crypto Academy team are ByBit, CoinStats, AscendEX, Dogelon Mars, Binance, Nexo among others. 

Crypto Academy services include: 

  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Promotion
  • Social Media Content
  • Ads on numerous platforms
  • Exchange Listing
  • Landing Page
  • White Paper
  • SEO

Please visit the website to see all services offered by Crypto Academy. 

Most recently, Crypto Academy has commemorated reaching a brand new milestone: securing over 300 partnerships with notable influencers in the crypto industry. These partnerships will enhance the Crypto Academy experience by redefining the importance of influencer and client partnerships. 

With a global team dedicated to raising awareness of the benefits of blockchain and crypto adoption on an international scale, Crypto Academy is staying ahead of industry trends to provide the ultimate crypto industry guides and services for businesses and individual clients interested in exploring what the industry has to offer.

The premium membership in Crypto Academy provides a range of informative tips as well as providing pre-access to analyses and assessments of crypto presales on various crypto launchpads that have yet to be listed on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, among others. From crypto trading fundamentals to comprehensive market analyses and market insights, the Premium membership of Crypto Academy offers a simple take on what most potential traders would view as a complex undertaking.

Crypto Academy is determined to aid in the mainstreaming of cryptocurrency and blockchain adoption by working tirelessly to teach the masses about the inner workings of blockchain and crypto-assets while keeping them informed on the most recent crypto and blockchain-related events around the world. 

As a specialized Crypto Marketing Agency, the team is dedicated to providing fintech startups with the traction they need to make it into what is now the most competitive and crucial industry in the world!


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Last updated Apr 19, 2022

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