How Have The Macroeconomic Outcomes Of Cryptocurrency Benefited Society?

How Have The Macroeconomic Outcomes Of Cryptocurrency Benefited Society

It is vital to examine the definitions of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins in regard to their role within an economy even though the main principle of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins is well recognised.

If we want to discuss the impact that cryptocurrencies have on the economic system, we can say that, despite the fact that the trading volumes and market prices of digital currencies are rising, we cannot assume that they have much of an effect on monetary and fiscal policy because their utilisation is still at extremely low concentrations.

This is something that we can say even though the value of cryptocurrencies is increasing and the volume of transactions involving cryptocurrencies is increasing.

To achieve the level of the volume necessary to have an effect on the financial markets, cryptocurrencies will need to find a use case as an alternative to the country’s standard currency.

Cryptocurrencies are innovative payment instruments and networks that aim to build a new rail to traditional payment systems. This is the goal behind the development of cryptocurrencies.

They contribute to the continuity of money and can either supplement or replace the money that is already in circulation. In addition, cryptocurrency holdings can be diversified, and the same might theoretically be said for cryptocurrency payments.

On the other side, a stablecoin is a cryptocurrency that is based on DLT and is designed to keep a stable value in relation to another asset. It began as a response to the requirement for a consistent monetary unit in applications for distributed ledgers and is being utilised for transactions at a higher frequency than crypto.

Stablecoins backed by fiat money maintain an equal amount of that currency in reserves and come with the assurance of being convertible.

But the time to unveil the actual macroeconomic influences of cryptocurrencies and stablecoins has begun;

The Macroeconomic Outcomes For Crypto

It’s possible that cryptocurrencies, thanks to their ease of use, may help expand financial inclusion all around the world.

The use of cryptocurrencies offers the possibility of financial inclusion for populations that are neglected and do not have savings accounts; among these individuals, one billion already use mobile phones.

Because of this, one could make the case that the use of cryptocurrencies is fundamentally beneficial to the economy. When developing rules for cryptocurrencies, the sector should take into consideration the economic outcomes listed below:

Financial Stability

Because they are unable to implement adaptable monetary policies with crypto, central authorities are concerned about the stability of the financial system.

Any significant drop in price might cause investors to lose faith, which would have reverberating consequences across the market.

The adoption of cryptocurrencies has surged in some developing economies as a result of local policies that aren’t very sound or payment systems that aren’t very efficient. Due to this, there’s a possibility that measures designed to regulate capital will be sidestepped.


Those who feel as though they are being exploited by the existing monetary system might be more drawn to the idea of investing in cryptocurrency. Because of their greater exposure to cryptocurrency, some Black Americans in the United States are more susceptible to the most recent slump in the economy.

One chief executive officer of a civil society remarked, “People of colour experience a range of emotions in response to consumer protection. It’s possible that the goal is to safeguard individuals from being exploited, but the actions being taken are paternalistic.

Instead, we have to ask: what advantages does decentralisation provide for people of colour?”

A Technical Shield

When it comes to transporting huge sums of wealth across borders, crypto has an over traditional cash. The majority of transactions, however, would be trackable if these movements were regulated using KYC and AML procedures.

The researchers at CipherTrace determined that less than 1 % of all cryptocurrency transactions involve illegal activity.

Yet, crypto is used in 98% of ransomware. In nations where cryptocurrency is not regulated, the government’s capacity to pursue crimes involving cryptocurrency is severely constrained. That’s why technical trading experts highly recommend all traders and investors to proceed with their investments via a reliable trading bot like a bitcoin billionaire or others. The usage of a trading bot minimises the probability of hacking, ransomware or any other negative incident.


The speed of innovation in the cryptocurrency industry is picking up, which is having a multiplier impact on the emergence of novel ideas like NFTs as well as the metaverse. It is possible that net wealth will be created if citizens are able to acquire crypto in the metaverse.

If these profits were to be taken outside of the metaverse and they were significant, there is a possibility that this would have an effect on aggregate demand, which would then result in economic expansion.

A Step Towards Macro Economical Sustainability

The technique for reaching a consensus in cryptography consumes a lot of energy. Some people believe that the cryptocurrency business has the potential to create incentives for conservation and a grid-low-carbon economy, which is something that the Crypto Sustainability

A coalition of the World Economic Forum is looking into this. However, crypto cannot combat climate change on its own.

The Bottom Line

Like any other tool or technology, cryptocurrencies offer both advantages and disadvantages. The benefits brought about by cryptocurrencies are numerous and significant. The ease of access is unquestionably one of the most significant benefits. Individuals are able to pay one another and receive payments using cryptocurrencies without the involvement of third parties like banks.

One could argue that the status quo of the present financial system has let down a great number of people all around the world. You will be shocked to know that there is around 2 billion who are not using any financial account, globally.

It will be to everyone’s advantage from a macroeconomic point of view if cryptocurrencies and stablecoins are given the opportunity to participate in economies in a regulated capacity.

The objective for the foreseeable future should be to welcome the innovations that are brought about by cryptocurrencies and stablecoins while simultaneously utilising the legislation to cut down on the risks that are posed to the economy.

Last updated Feb 22, 2023

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