Top Picks: The Best ASICs BTC Miners

Top Picks: The Best ASICs BTC Miners

BTC miners are Application-Specific Integrated Circuit devices that mine different types of cryptocurrencies, provided they use the same algorithm. These devices or combinations that form a mining rig are most suitable owing to their efficiency. However, different ASICs in the market call for scrutiny when shopping for one. This article explains ASICs and the best ones available in the market.

What Are ASICs?

An ASIC is a system-on-a-chip that combines several circuits into one chip for particular purposes, such as a BTC Miner used for crypto currency mining. These ASICs are connectable using cables to mine with more hash rates. Some of the cryptocurrencies a BTC miner can mine include Ethereum, Litecoin, and others that use proof-of-work algorithms.

ASICs are more specific, unlike the CPUs found in common computers and the synonymous Graphics Processing Units. This feature makes them efficient in mining cryptocurrencies that use ETHASH and SHA-256 algorithms.

Frequently Asked Questions about ASICs

Q1: Is ASIC mining better than CPUs and GPUs?

Yes, ASIC mining is better than CPU and GPU. The ASIC miners outperform the others because they are custom-built for a single hash algorithm. However, you will need a different ASIC for each coin you intend to mine, hence the need for a rig.

Q2: Which are the best ASIC cryptocurrency miners?

There are different ASIC cryptocurrency miners in the market, each with unique features. Different features qualify an ASIC as the best for cryptocurrency mining. The features include hash rate and energy efficiency because you will pay for the energy used to mine a single coin.

Q3. How do ASICs mine cryptocurrency?

These specialized mining processors perform hashes—complex calculations that match preset data with a hashed block of the currency’s blockchain. The rehashed blockchain should meet the difficulty level restriction to enable the mining of a coin. This process involves high-speed guesswork by the ASICs before the set time to mine the cryptocurrency block elapses. The calculations must confirm the transaction’s legitimacy and security before being incorporated into the cryptocurrency network.

Q4. Does an ASIC mine a single coin?

An ASIC miner is programmed to mine a specific coin. Therefore, a Bitcoin miner can only mine that specific cryptocurrency. However, you can set up different rigs to mine another cryptocurrency if it uses a compatible algorithm. Therefore a cryptocurrency mining station can have different mining rigs generating different coins through the ASICs technology.

Q5. How many ASICs do you need to efficiently mine cryptocurrency?

You need no definite number of ASICs to mine cryptocurrency since it entirely depends on your mining operations. However, you should have an extensive mining plant to boost efficiency through economy of scale.

List of Top ASIC Cryptocurrency Miners

There are many ASIC cryptocurrency miners. However, they differ in performance; here are the highly rated ones.

  1. Antminer
  2. WhatsMiner
  3. AVALONminer
  4. Koi Miner

Comparison of the Best ASIC Miners

Here is a comparison of the best ASIC miners. They are listed according to their features and the available models.

1.     Antminer

Antominers are arguably the best ASIC Bitcoin miners owing to their features. These Bitmain-manufactured ASICs are the best if you want to break even because of energy efficiency and higher hash rate than the others in this list. For instance, its highly rated 7nmS19 Pro+ Hyd model offers 34.5J/TH and consumes 5304W with a 110 hash rate.

These ASICs are comparatively economical; you can expect an average of $12 daily ifyou pay $0.1 per kilowatt. In addition, this type of ASIC has a wide range of models you can choose from. Othermodels include the S19 Hydro,T19 Hydro, S19 XP, and S19 Pro. Others are the S19,E9, L7,D7, and Z15.


2.     WhatsMiner

WhatsMiners are also good ASIC miners to use in your mining rig. These energy-efficient miners can mine for you and cut costs while at it. For example, its M30S++model can generate 100 TH/s per ASIC with an efficiency of 31.9 J/HT. And on upgrade, it can attain 103. 8 TH/s.

Manufactured by Shenzhen MicroBT Electronics Technology Co. Ltd, the WhatsMiners come in the following models: M53,M50S, M50, M33S++, M33S+, and M30S. Other models include M30S, M31S+, and M31S. These miners are the most suitable after the first one listed in this article.


3.     AVALONminer 

These Canaan Inc. miners are also suitable for Bitcoin mining owing to their high efficiency and hash rate. The miners from this brand are easy to maintain, have a user-friendly interface, and have inbuilt AI chips. Its A1246 is among the best Bitcoin miners besides the ones mentioned above. With a power consumption of 3420W and a 90 TH/s hashrate coupled with 38J/TH power efficiency, the model of AVOLNminer sums up the efficiency and profitability of this company’s ASICs. You can make nearly $2.88 daily using this company’s miners if you pay $7.39 for electricity daily. The A1266 is another highly rated model from Cannan Inc. that you can utilize to mine crypto currency.


4.     Koi Miner

The Koi miners are equally capable of efficiently mining Bitcoin. These C16 series miners are built using the FinFet N+1 process on a new architecture that makes them the best for mining. With a 100-113 TH/s hashrate, these miners are also efficient compared to the companies mentioned above. This company’s miners also have a comparatively low energy consumption of around 30J/T.

Manufactured by AGM Group Holdings Inc., the miners come in the following models: C16D,C16 MAX, C16 PRO, C16S, and C16E. However, note that you should check each model’s efficiency to ensure a return on your cryptocurrency mining endeavors.

KOI Miner


BTC mining is still profitable, according to experts like KingZhang, the current CEO of Unixhash (The largest dealer of new spot miners). However, you need to get the best BTC miners to break it even. And it would be best to learn what a BTC Miner is for you to do that. Therefore, you should use the information you have read here to understand these ASICs. The information and comparison will help you decide on the best one which will give you the best return on your investment.

Last updated Sep 28, 2022

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