How To Buy Wilder World (WILD)?

How To Buy Wilder World (WILD)

A common question you often see on social media from crypto beginners is “Where can I buy Wilder World?” Well, you’ll be happy to hear it is actually quite a simple and straightforward process. 

Step 1: Create an account on an exchange that supports Wilder World (WILD)

First, you will need to open an account on a cryptocurrency exchange that supports Wilder World (WILD).
We recommend the following based on functionality, reputation, security, support and fees:


Create Account

Fees (Maker/Taker)                    0.2%*-0.2%*

Available for Trade                           

Sign-up bonus
 Up to $100 in USDT vouchers*

Available in
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa

In order to sign up, you will need to enter some basic information, such as your email address, password, full name and, in some cases, you might also be asked for a phone number or address.

Note: On specific exchanges, you might need to complete a Know Your Customer (KYC) procedure in order to be able to purchase cryptocurrency. This is most commonly the case with licensed and regulated exchanges.

Step 2: Deposit funds into your account

Many cryptocurrency exchanges will allow you to purchase Wilder World (WILD) with fiat currencies, such as EUR, USD, AUD and others. Furthermore, they will also provide you with multiple deposit methods through which you can fund your fiat account, such as credit and debit cards, ewallets or direct bank transfers.

Note: Some payment methods will have higher fees than others, such as credit card payments. Before funding your fiat account on your chosen exchange, make sure to do your due diligence to find out the fees involved with each payment method to avoid unnecessary costs.

Step 3: Buy Wilder World (WILD)

This process is similar across almost every cryptocurrency exchange. All you have to do is find a navigation bar or a search bar, and search for Wilder World (WILD) or Wilder World (WILD) trading pairs. Look for the section that will allow you to buy Wilder World (WILD), and enter the amount of the cryptocurrency that you want to spend for Wilder World (WILD) or the amount of fiat currency that you want to spend towards buying Wilder World (WILD). The exchange will then calculate the equivalent amount of Wilder World (WILD) based on the current market rate.

Note: Make sure to always double-check your transaction details, such as the amount of Wilder World (WILD) you will be buying as well as the total cost of the purchase before you end up confirming the transaction. Furthermore, many cryptocurrency exchanges will offer you their own proprietary software wallet where you will be storing your cryptocurrencies; however, you can create your own individual software wallet, or purchase a hardware wallet for the highest level of protection.

Alternative ways to buy Wilder World (WILD)

Because the project is very new, it is only offered directly on a select number of exchanges. If you’re not comfortable connecting your bank account to any of these smaller exchanges, or if you cannot connect your bank account to them for geographical reasons. Then you can instead create an account on any of the major exchanges and simply transfer the funds from there.
Out of the major exchanges we recommend the following based on functionality, reputation, security, support and fees:



Create Binance Account - How To Buy Wilder World

Fees (Maker/Taker)            0.075%*-0.1%*

Available for Trade                             500

Sign-up bonus
 10% reduced trading fees*

Available in
Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa



Create Coinbase Account - How To Buy Wilder World

Fees (Maker/Taker)             1.49%*-3.99%*

Available for Trade                              75

Sign-up bonus
 $10 sign-up bonus*

Available in
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa



Create FTX US Account

Fees (Maker/Taker)            0.10%*-0.40%*

Available for Trade                             45

Sign-up bonus
 5% reduced trading fees*

Available in
North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Oceania, Africa

For more in-depth instructions, our ‘Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Cryptocurrency Investing‘ will take you through the process step-by step. In addition to providing instructions for sending and receiving your cryptocurrency.
And if you’re completely new to crypto our beginner, intermediate and advanced level articles will get you up to speed with everything you need to know about the cryptocurrency space starting out.

What Is Wilder World (WILD)?

Wilder World is a decentralized artist DAO and liquid NFT marketplace. Through its multiple layers, it offers a variety of applications that allow for a more holistic user experience for artists and collectors alike. The first project built on top of the Zero protocol, Wilder World is enhancing the gaming economy with the addition of tokenized 3D digital art on its VR/AR enabled platform, thus transforming them into investable assets.

With inbuilt platforms such as Artists Guild, and Mint FactOry, Wilder World is a melting pot for creators to connect and collaborate with talent from across the globe and elevate the NFT experience for the next generation of digital collectors and gamers.

Wilder World is an alluring, layered Metaverse with a wide range of applications that appeal to creators and collectors alike:

In game NFTs — Digital art in its current avatar lacks practical utility besides acting as little more than a status symbol for crypto natives. Wilder World integrates its world class collection of thousands of pieces of 3D art with cutting edge virtual reality technology and deploys it on its game ready, VR/AR enabled platform, thus transforming these rare NFTs into investable assets that can be traded easily. Whether it’s a scavenger hunt in Augmented Reality, an in-game object or accessory (eg. hat, scarf) sourced from a virtual conference attended in the metaverse, or a parcel of land conquered in a Virtual Reality game, Wilder World facilitates the monetization of these tokenized assets to a discerning collector.

Liquid NFT Market — Wilder World utilises a unique bonding curve model for NFTs, which allows fractional sales of the digital asset, and hence provides access to a wider spectrum of collectors and retail investors, rather than just a select few. Additionally, collectors can easily liquify their digital assets and earn royalties on future sales. Wilder World also is an ideal platform to bring in assets bought on other NFT platforms, modify and deploy them to be used as a game ready tokenized assets on its platform.

Artists Guild — A one of its kind social network built into the platform for the Wilder community, Artist’s Guild is a virtual melting pot for talented digital creators from across the globe. Fellow artists can connect with each other, collaborate on projects to build assets and infrastructure, chat in real-time on video and through the inbuilt instant messaging system, in addition to sharing the latest news in the crypto universe on the artist feed. With no fees required to curate a profile on this platform, and powerful network effects at play, the upside for the creator is infinite.

Mint FactOry — A fantastic medium for brand partnerships, Mint FactOry connects digital 3D artists from all over the globe with real world talent across the spectrums of film, television, and music to design, mint and drop NFTs. Creators can leverage the massive online following of a star to increase visibility and enhance sale prospects while offering a smart contract enabled royalty pay out to the celebrity. Furthermore, the character created via Mint FactOry can also be used in AR/VR games built on the Wilder World platform. 

What is the WILD token?

$WILD is the native token of Wilder World and serves as the governance token for the Wilder DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization). These tokens will be used as voting mechanisms for Wilder stakeholders, as well as to incentivize the expansion of the Wilder Metaverse; from new protocols and services to the development of fully virtual people, places, and things.

What is the LOOT token?

You can think of $LOOT as essentially the equivalent of Wilder World’s core ‘raw building material’. Similar to how you require iron ore or steel to cast an object IRL, staking $LOOT is required to mint new NFT assets inside Wilder World for everything from avatars, condos, vehicles, clothing and Totems in the Metaverse.

$LOOT will serve as the connective tissue between creator, community, and DAO-based tokens launched in Wilder World on the ZERO protocol. This is possible using a key innovation from ZERO that is called a ‘Dynamic Token’. Unlike a fixed supply token (like BTC or WILD) that requires liquidity pools to facilitate on-chain trading, Dynamic Tokens utilize an on-chain market maker and can facilitate liquidity (exchange) between any two tokens, irrespective of a token’s popularity (or trading volume).

In addition to interoperability, $LOOT opens a host of royalty and fractionalization models for creators. Popular NFTs are incredibly expensive for people and lack liquidity, meaning that they are difficult to sell after they are purchased. With $LOOT, NFTs can become liquid, meaning that they can be made price accessible to a wide audience, most importantly the Wilder community, through fractionalized trading. We think that this is a requirement in order for NFTs (and virtual property in general) to go mainstream.

$LOOT Token brings with it the novel capacity to algorithmically adjust Wilder World’s monetary policy based on governance decisions from the Wilder Nation, the primary DAO that is responsible for the stewardship of Wilder World and will launch on ZERO later this year. As artists and players mint NFTs by exchanging ETH for $LOOT, the on-chain reserve of the $LOOT treasury will expand.

$WILD holders are the primary beneficiaries of this monetary expansion and will oversea how capital is allocated. As more capital is accumulated into the $LOOT reserve, the Wilder Nation can vote to allocate how funds will be used to improve Wilder World. It could be art, it could be technology, it could be special partnerships, smart contract or monetary changes. It could even be launching a Wilder city or country in real life. When complete, Wilder World will become a fully decentralized ecosystem, run entirely on-chain by players, creators and fans. In other words, Wilder World will become an autopoietic self-governing organism in service of the people. 

Best cryptocurrency wallet for Wilder World (WILD)

There are plenty of different crypto wallets available. The best one for you depends on your general trading habits and which provides the most security in your situation. There are two main types of wallets: hot storage wallets (digital) and cold storage or hardware wallets (physical). Both have their pros and cons, and there is not necessarily a right or wrong answer when it comes to figuring out which crypto wallet is best for you.

HOW DO I DECIDE WHICH cryptocurrency WALLET TO USE for Wilder World (WILD)?

Deciding which type of wallet to use depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • How often you trade. In general, hot wallets are better for more active cryptocurrency traders. Quick login ability means you are only a few clicks and taps away from buying and selling crypto. Cold wallets are better suited for those looking to make less frequent trades. 
  • What you want to trade. As mentioned earlier, not all wallets support all types of cryptocurrencies. However, some of the best crypto wallets have the power to trade hundreds of different currencies, providing more of a one-size-fits-all experience.
  • Your peace of mind. For those worried about hacking, having a physical cold wallet stored in a safe deposit box at the bank or somewhere at home, provides the safest, most secure option. Others might be confident in their ability to keep their hot wallets secure.
  • How much it costs. It is important to investigate the costs associated with each wallet. Many hot wallets will be free to set up. Meanwhile, cold wallets, like any piece of hardware, will cost money to purchase.
  • What it can do. While the basics of each cryptocurrency wallet are the same, additional features can help set them apart. This is especially true of hot wallets, many of which come with advanced reporting features, insights into the crypto market, the ability to convert cryptocurrencies and more. Security features can also be a good differentiator.

For a more in-depth overview of cryptocurrency wallets visit our “Cryptocurrency Wallets Explained” guide.

If you’re going to be dealing in larger volumes of crypto, investing in cold storage might prove advantageous.
Most widespead examples of this being the Ledger Nano and the Trezor.

Ledger manufactures cold storage wallets designed for users who want increased security. Their wallets are a physical device that connects to your computer. Only when the device is connected can you send your cryptocurrency from it. Ledger offers a variety of products, such as the Ledger Nano S and the Ledger Nano X (a bluetooth connected hardware wallet).

Trezor is a pioneering hardware wallet company. The combination of world-class security with an intuitive interface and compatibility with other desktop wallets, makes it ideal for beginners and experts alike. The company has gained a lot of the Bitcoin community’s respect over the years. Trezor offers two main models – The Trezor One and Trezor Model T (which has a built in touch screen).

Ledger Hardware Wallet
Trezor Hardware Wallet

Market Overview

Find the latest Wilder World (WILD) price chart, trade volume, market cap, and other vital information to help you with your cryptocurrency trading and investing.

Coinmarketcap will be your cryptocurrency go-to for just about everything. Here you can see the following:

Market Capitalization And Daily Trading Volume

Current Market Price Of Every Cryptocurrency Relative To USD (And Some Local Currencies)

Circulating And Total Supply

Historical Charts With Prices Relative To USD, Bitcoin (BTC), And Ethereum (ETH).

CMC - How To Buy Wilder World

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