Top 21 Crypto Credit & Debit Cards: Ideal for Beginners & Experts in 2023

Top 21 Crypto Credit & Debit Cards: Ideal for Beginners & Experts in 2023

In the formative years of cryptocurrencies, digital assets like Bitcoin were predominantly utilized for peer-to-peer (P2P) transactions. However, the advent of crypto debit and credit cards has revolutionized the way users can conveniently convert their digital currencies into fiat for seamless payments. Whether you’re an intrigued novice or a seasoned crypto enthusiast, a crypto card can greatly enhance your ability to access and utilize your digital assets.

This comprehensive guide delves into the finest crypto credit and debit cards on the market, shedding light on how to determine the perfect card tailored to your needs and preferences.

Essential Insights:

  • The fundamental difference between a crypto credit card and a debit card lies in their core functionalities. A crypto credit card rewards users with cryptocurrency as they spend, whereas a crypto debit card instantly converts digital assets into fiat currency for every purchase or ATM withdrawal.
  • When selecting the ideal crypto credit or debit card, it is crucial to evaluate various factors, including the range of supported cryptocurrencies, rewards programs, fee structures, user-friendliness, and geographical availability. By carefully assessing these key components, you can make an informed decision and optimize your crypto card experience.

Crypto credit and debit cards are innovative financial instruments designed to seamlessly integrate cryptocurrency into everyday transactions. While a crypto credit card rewards users with cryptocurrency for their spending, a crypto debit card facilitates the conversion of digital assets into fiat currency during purchases or ATM withdrawals.

Delving into Crypto Credit Cards

Crypto credit cards operate on the same principles as traditional credit cards, involving the borrowing of funds from the card issuer to facilitate purchases. As your spending increases, so does your outstanding balance. Similar to conventional cards, crypto credit cards offer rewards for your transactions; however, the rewards are uniquely provided in the form of cryptocurrencies purchased by the issuer on your behalf.

A significant advantage of employing a crypto credit card lies in its ability to enable risk-free cryptocurrency accumulation through routine purchases. This feature makes crypto credit cards an appealing choice for cautious newcomers venturing into the digital currency space. Although the volatility of the crypto market poses a potential challenge, cardholders can take comfort in knowing that they are only putting their rewards at risk, rather than their overall savings.

Unraveling Crypto Debit Cards

Crypto debit cards function similarly to traditional debit cards, allowing holders to use their own funds for purchases or cash withdrawals at ATMs. What sets them apart is their ability to draw from the cardholder’s cryptocurrency accounts, offering a practical solution for converting digital assets into fiat currency for conventional transactions. Some crypto debit cards even allow preloading with both fiat and digital currencies.

Crypto debit cards also provide several other benefits, such as reduced foreign transaction fees and the ease of spending in multiple currencies. However, users should remain vigilant of potential limitations, including geographical restrictions and the possibility of triggering taxable events when using cryptocurrencies for transactions.

Selecting the Ideal Crypto Credit and Debit Cards: A Comprehensive Guide

As the crypto card landscape continues to expand with an increasing array of options, consumers must carefully evaluate their choices to identify the best-suited cards for their needs. To make an informed decision, consider the following essential factors:

Supported Cryptocurrencies

It’s crucial to assess the range of cryptocurrencies compatible with the card you’re considering. While some crypto credit cards grant rewards in specific digital currencies, others may only link to select cryptocurrency accounts. If you have no preference for a particular currency, this may not be a concern. However, if you already possess a favored digital asset, ensure your chosen card caters to it.

Rewards Programs

When exploring the top crypto credit cards, compare the rewards offered by each option. Generally, a higher rewards rate equates to earning more cryptocurrency. Some cards provide a fixed rate for all purchases, while others grant higher rewards for specific categories of goods and services. If your spending habits align with certain categories, seek out a card that rewards you accordingly.

Fee Structures

While many leading crypto credit cards boast affordability, it’s important to be mindful of associated fees. These can include annual fees, foreign transaction fees, and cryptocurrency sales fees incurred upon selling earned rewards. While some cards may be entirely free, others may charge a range of fees. If you travel internationally, consider a card without foreign transaction fees for added convenience.


The primary purpose of a crypto credit or debit card for many users is the seamless conversion of digital assets into fiat currency. Ensure your chosen card facilitates quick and straightforward crypto-to-fiat transactions. Some issuers employ experimental methods that can lead to confusion and convoluted conversions. By steering clear of such issuers, you can secure a card that effectively meets your cryptocurrency requirements.

Geographical Availability

A crypto card’s value is contingent on its usability in your preferred location. With the ever-evolving regulatory landscape, it’s vital to select a card that remains functional and accessible in your region. This way, you can ensure consistent access to your digital assets while navigating the rapidly changing world of cryptocurrencies.

Top 6 Crypto Credit Cards: Enhance Your Cryptocurrency Experience

As the popularity of cryptocurrencies continues to grow, so too does the number of available crypto credit cards. Consumers must carefully evaluate their options before selecting a card. The following six crypto credit cards represent some of the best choices on the market, catering to a variety of individual needs and preferences.

Nexo Mastercard

The Nexo Mastercard excels for users interested in securing large loans in cryptocurrency, offering up to $2 million in loans backed by existing crypto holdings. With broad acceptance, competitive rewards rates (up to 2% in NEXO or 0.5% in BTC), and an intuitive smartphone app, the Nexo Mastercard is a top choice for many crypto enthusiasts.

Venmo Visa

The Venmo Visa® Credit Card integrates seamlessly with the Venmo app for easy purchase tracking and rewards monitoring. Boasting no annual fee and rewards up to 3%, the card allows users to convert rewards into crypto through the Cash Back to Crypto feature. This combination of financial incentives and convenience positions the Venmo Visa as a leading crypto credit card.

Gemini Mastercard

The Gemini Mastercard® Credit Card® offers a unique rewards structure and extensive compatibility. Cardholders earn 3% back on annual dining purchases up to $3,000 per year, 2% on groceries, and 1% on all other transactions, with rewards paid automatically in BTC or one of 40 other supported cryptocurrencies. With no annual fee and universal Mastercard acceptance, the Gemini Mastercard is a top contender in the crypto credit card market.

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa Signature Card

The Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Visa Signature Card provides an accessible entry point for crypto newcomers. With simple terms and a low barrier to entry, users can earn 1.5% on all purchases paid directly in BTC, plus a $200 bonus with a qualifying Rewards Checking account. However, the card lacks Bitcoin transfer capabilities, which may deter experienced crypto enthusiasts.

Brex Mastercard

The Brex Mastercard, a charge card designed for U.S. venture-backed startups and mid-market businesses, offers a generous rewards structure and no annual fee when used exclusively. Cardholders earn bonus points on a range of company essentials, with additional rewards available for tech companies. Points can be easily converted to Bitcoin or Ether, maximizing the card’s utility.

SoFi Mastercard

The SoFi Mastercard delivers competitive rewards rates, extensive usability, and unique perks. With a 3% cashback offer and potential APR reduction for timely payments, users can increase their savings while enjoying widespread Mastercard acceptance. The SoFi app simplifies account management and rewards redemption, while additional benefits include free cell phone insurance and discounts from popular brands.

Top Crypto Debit Cards for Seamless Spending

Cryptocurrency debit cards offer the perfect solution for individuals looking to spend their digital assets in everyday transactions. With numerous high-quality options available, it’s never been simpler to convert crypto into fiat currency for routine purchases. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll introduce 21 of the most outstanding crypto debit cards currently available, each boasting a unique set of appealing features.

Bybit Card: Ultimate Convenience and Flexibility

The Bybit Card, a cutting-edge crypto debit card, provides unparalleled ease and flexibility for your cryptocurrency transactions. Partnering with Mastercard ensures extensive merchant support and top-tier security through EMV® 3-D Secure, Mastercard’s patented system. Bybit stands out with its simple off-ramping process and multi-asset spending feature, catering to seasoned Bybit traders. Additionally, the Bybit Loyalty Reward program lets users earn points redeemable for exclusive merchandise at Bybit’s Rewards Market. Keep an eye on the Bybit Official Twitter page for updates on new card perks. Visa: A High-Profile Crypto Debit Card

The Visa, endorsed by celebrities such as LeBron James and Matt Damon, is the first-ever free metal- and crypto-linked debit card. Its straightforward top-up model, zero fees, and worldwide Visa acceptance make it a popular choice. Cardholders can receive up to 5% cashback rewards in CRO tokens, alongside reimbursements for subscription services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Spotify.

Coinbase Visa: Seamless Integration with a Leading Exchange

The Coinbase Visa Card is ideal for those already using Coinbase, a major global crypto exchange. With compatibility throughout the Visa network, significant crypto rewards, and a $1,000 withdrawal limit, it’s considered one of the best options for frequent digital currency usage.

Uphold Mastercard: A Brave Browser Companion

Frequent Brave Browser users will appreciate the Uphold Mastercard, which features no annual fee and zero foreign transaction fees. Crypto cashback rewards are issued in XRP at a generous 4% rate, with a £50 monthly cap on rewards.

Wirex Visa: The Globetrotter’s Choice

The Wirex Visa Card excels in international transactions, offering free international ATM withdrawals and compatibility with over 150 currencies. The Wirex Cryptoback™ subscription service provides up to 8% cashback rewards in WXT tokens, though a monthly fee of up to $29.99 is required for the highest tier.

Choise Visa (Formerly Crypterium): Easy Access for Newcomers

The Choise Visa, previously known as Crypterium, offers a smooth entry point for crypto beginners. With an easy signup process and the option of virtual or plastic cards, users can effortlessly convert digital assets to cash at ATMs while enjoying various high-interest crypto savings accounts.

Binance Visa: A Popular Exchange’s Card for Global Users

The Binance Visa Card, unavailable in the U.S., is a top choice for global consumers. The card’s low spending fees and generous withdrawal limits make it user-friendly, but it requires a Binance account for use.

BitPay Mastercard: A Trustworthy Crypto Partner

The BitPay Mastercard, linked to the reputable BitPay Wallet, is among the best crypto debit cards for everyday use. With no monthly fees and partnerships with numerous merchants like Adidas and Costco, it’s an excellent option for simple spending.

Bit2Me Mastercard: A Spanish Favorite

Hailing from one of Spain’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, the Bit2Me Mastercard offers an attractive option for residents of Spain interested in earning cashback in digital currencies. With no monthly or maintenance fees and zero ATM withdrawal fees within the European Union, this crypto debit card provides an accessible entry point for those new to the world of digital assets.

As a reputable institution registered with the Bank of Spain, Bit2Me ensures a seamless user experience by instantly providing a virtual crypto debit card upon registration. For Tier 1 users, the rewards become even more enticing, with the opportunity to earn up to 9% cashback when paying with B2M tokens. The Bit2Me Mastercard’s versatility extends to its cashback rewards, as users can choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, USDT, and SOL, ensuring a tailored experience that meets individual preferences.

Club Swan Mastercard: Premium Service with Exclusive Perks

The Club Swan Mastercard is an outstanding option for both crypto novices and experienced investors seeking a high-end crypto debit card experience. Although the initial fee of $129 and the $35 monthly fee may seem steep, the card’s exclusive benefits can justify the investment. Club Swan provides cardholders with a dedicated concierge service, assisting in travel booking, product orders, and handling administrative tasks. With cashback rewards reaching an impressive 22%, some users may offset the fees through these incentives. Accepted wherever Mastercard is honored, the Club Swan Card delivers exceptional service for those desiring a top-tier Bitcoin debit card.

Unbanked Card: Impressive Cashback for the Value Seekers

Formerly the Ternio BlockCard, the rebranded Unbanked Card retains its previous advantages while adopting a catchy new name that aligns with the best crypto debit cards in the market. Recognized as a top player in the financial sector due to its remarkable cashback bonus, the Unbanked Card captivates value seekers with an enticing 6.38% reward in UNBNK tokens. To access this benefit, users must stake a minimum of 145,000 UNBNK tokens, but the potential cashback returns make it an attractive option.

Shakepay Visa: Simplifying Crypto Cashback for Newcomers

Canada-based Shakepay’s Visa crypto debit card alleviates the often daunting paperwork associated with earning crypto cashback rewards. The Shakepay Visa streamlines the registration process, making it perfect for those new to the crypto cashback world. By eliminating credit checks during the application process, users can easily set up their accounts and apply for the Shakepay Visa. Cardholders can earn up to 2% of their purchases in BTC, instantly credited to their Shakepay BTC balance, making it a quick and hassle-free way to accumulate Bitcoin.

ADV Card: Effortless Swaps and Global Spending

Navigating the crypto landscape can be challenging, especially for newcomers to the peer-to-peer (P2P) on-ramping and off-ramping process. Advcash, an e-wallet corporation, simplifies these transactions by enabling users to rapidly buy, sell, and switch between fiat and cryptocurrencies. After completing the swaps, users can load their funds onto the prepaid ADV Cards and utilize them for global spending. With access to major markets worldwide, users can effortlessly exchange their funds into their desired currency for personal use.

Monolith Card: Decentralized Security and Full Control

The Monolith Card, a decentralized financial (DeFi) platform built on the Ethereum ecosystem, distinguishes itself with its unique visual style and emphasis on user control. Monolith’s decentralized approach to crypto custody allows users to maintain full control of their assets, alleviating concerns about losing funds due to liquidity issues. This commitment to the principle “Not your keys, not your crypto” positions the Monolith Visa as a top contender among crypto debit cards.

In addition to granting users control over their crypto, Monolith charges a 1% fee that contributes to the platform’s community chest for ecosystem improvements. Users can avoid this fee by topping up their Monolith Visa with the platform’s TKN tokens. For more information, explore Monolith’s fee structure and 0% transfer fees.

Plutus Card: Security and Rewards with Non-Custodial Crypto Rights

Plutus, along with its Visa card, prioritizes user security by offering non-custodial cryptocurrency rights, making it a highly recommended choice for a crypto debit card. The Plutus Card allows users to link their personal crypto wallets without revealing private keys, ensuring complete control over their assets while conducting necessary swaps.

Additionally, Plutus offers up to 3% crypto cashback rewards for those who opt for the paid subscription plan. Starting at €4.99 per month, subscribers can enjoy 0% trading fees on Plutus’ decentralized exchange, as well as two bonus subscription service perks, which include options such as Disney Plus and Amazon Prime.

For users willing to stake PLU tokens, Plutus further rewards them with up to 8% crypto cashback and eight bonus subscription service perks. This combination of security, control, and enticing rewards makes the Plutus Card an attractive option for those seeking a robust crypto debit card experience.


The crypto debit and credit card landscape is flourishing, with an ever-increasing array of options catering to a diverse set of preferences. Each card offers a distinctive combination of advantages, ensuring there’s a suitable choice for every user. Now that you’ve explored some of the leading crypto debit and credit cards available, you’re well-equipped to make an informed decision. From substantial cashback rewards to the versatility of on-the-go crypto spending, our comprehensive list of top-notch crypto debit and credit cards aims to address your unique requirements. Embrace the future of finance by integrating digital assets into your everyday transactions with a card tailored to your needs.

Last updated Apr 1, 2023

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