Web3 Is Changing Players’ Luck

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In the space of a generation the way we have fun has changed radically.

After computers, the internet and smartphones, now it’s the turn of blockchains and virtual reality to revolutionise our free time.

Web3, a new iteration of the internet based on blockchain networks, is transforming the entertainment industry to give creators and users more possibilities for renumeration, decision-making power and recognition.

Virtual reality (VR), meanwhile, is driving companies to explore beyond the limits of what is possible to create imaginary worlds where users allow themselves, completely, to be immersed.

Surprisingly, it is the dinosaurs of the industry that are at the forefront of innovation. Theme parks are making the future a reality by transforming old attractions and creating new ones, while casinos are bringing innovation to every corner of the world.

A Revolution in Amusement Parks

The first amusement park appeared in Denmark in 1583 and immediately became a favourite form of family entertainment.
Over the centuries, parks have incorporated new technologies. Today, they continue to set an example by adapting attractions to create the future of entertainment.

In Germany, Europark was the first park to successfully adopt virtual reality, when in 2015 it transformed the park’s oldest rollercoaster into a journey through the imaginary world of the park’s mascot, Ed Euromaus, aboard the wings of a dragon. With a Samsung headset passengers see 3D images synchronised with the ups and downs of the attraction.

The success of the experience was such that, three years later, almost a third of all amusement parks in Europe were already using virtual reality.

Outside the old continent, other countries have created parks exclusively dedicated to providing real-virtual experiences. This is the case of Dubai, which in 2018, opened the largest virtual reality amusement park, with attractions such as the simulation of cutting off a hand, and China, which in the same year debuted the Oriental Science Fiction Valley with 40 different types of simulations and a museum dedicated to showcasing the advances of the technology.

No Limits to Fun

Just as technological advances allow new forms of entertainment to be created, they also manage to make irrelevant the limits to which fun has always been subject.
When it comes to amusement parks, these are geographical location and maximum capacity of people per attraction.

The world leader in entertainment, Disney, has teamed up with technology giant Meta to create in 2019 a real-virtual simulation of life on the frontiers of the science fiction universe Star Wars’ planet Batuu.

With only two locations in the United States, one in Florida and another in California, the parks are not enough to satisfy all the fans of the saga, one in every four internet users around the world, which is why the project has been developed so that, on Optus platforms, fans can live an experience identical to that of the parks (with the advantage of avoiding queues), and venture out into the galaxy without leaving home.

It is not only with VR that amusement parks are innovating, the company Six Flags, which has 27 amusement parks spread across the United States, decided to recreate exclusively online the AstroWorld park, which had been demolished in 2005.

The park will be the first to exist entirely on blockchain, which will allow users to join together as a family, or with strangers, in activities such as treasure hunts or themed events, to earn NFTs. Initially, the park will run as a game in a browser version, AstroWorld will include virtual reality and augmented reality elements.

Tecnologicos permitem criar novas formas de entretenimento[5821]

The Mass Adoption

Earlier this year, Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta was forced to put development in virtual and augmented reality, where the company has been innovating more than any other, on the back burner.

The reason is that despite advances in virtual reality within theme parks and Zuckerberg’s Metaverse, adoption of the technology is lagging behind the expected results.

Entertainment is the key to virtual reality becoming part of most people’s daily lives, but it will have to be through an entertaining activity that is not only popular but also regular.
This is where the industry’s other dinosaurs come in – casinos. Almost as old as amusement parks, the first casino appeared in Italy in 1638, casinos have the advantage of existing online since the early days of the Internet, which allows them to attract millions of people daily.

Unlike most other online games, players seek to emulate the experience they don’t have access to, that of real casinos. Therefore, the best version of casino gaming will always be the real thing, and users are looking for the most authentic experience possible, which is why casinos like CoinSlotty, which has a real-time gaming option and allows you to play online blackjack with bitcoins, have become immensely popular.

In this way, the efforts already made by amusement parks to make virtual reality part of the future of entertainment are being leveraged by casinos to enhance the player experience, which, given the large number of fans they attract, will lead to mass adoption.

Last updated Apr 25, 2023

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